• Guovssu sitt nordlys

Guovssu sitt nordlys

av Karen Anne Buljo

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The Saami Siida family consists of mother and father and children, Joret, Risten and their little brother Guovvsu

One evening, the children have to stay at home on their own, as their mother and father must go and see to the reindeer herd. The children are strictly forbidden to go outside or to let in anybody they don’t know. But then strangers appear in the form of snub-nosed children who start throwing snowballs at the Saami Siida children’s goahti (type of Saami dwelling), teasing them and daring them to come out and play, until finally, the Siida children are persuaded to leave the goahti, even though their mother and father have strictly forbidden them to do so.

The smallest child, Guovssu, starts teasing the northern-lights. The northern-lights start to flicker and sweep the youngster into the air. The children’s dog sees what is happening and races off in the direction of the reindeer herd to get help. Their mother notices that the northern lights have acquired colours and she realizes that she and her husband are about to lose their children to the lights. Father ropes the children with his lasso.

Published 2020-10
Author Karen Anne Buljo
Translator Karen Anne Buljo
Target Group 7 - 9 years
Language Norwegian
No. of Pages 48
Binding Hard cover
Weight 340 g.
ISBN 978-82-329-0406-8
Publisher Davvi Girji

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