• Sámi-Dáru sátnegirji

Sámi-Dáru sátnegirji

Samisk-norsk stor ordbok

av Kåven, Jernsletten, Nordal, Eira & Solbakk

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Sámi-daru sátnegirji / Sami-Norwegian dictionary is a re-work of Pekka Sammallahti’s Sami-Suoma satnegirji (Sami-Finnish dictionary 1989) and contains about 35,000 words. In addition to common Sami words, the book contains Sami words which are going out of use, new words and also includes names and words from the plant and animal kingdoms. At the back of the book is a section on grammar/inflections, along with first names, surnames and place names.

1st edition 1995
2nd edition 1998
3rd edition 2002
4th edition 2003
5th edition 2011
6th edition 2015
7th edition 2017

Published 2017-11
Subtitle Samisk-norsk stor ordbok
Author Kåven, Jernsletten, Nordal, Eira & Solbakk
Target Group Youth - Adults
Language Northern sami & Norwegian
No. of Pages 633
Binding Soft cover
Weight 936 g.
ISBN 978-82-7374-149-3
Publisher Davvi Girji

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