• The Saami Languages - An Introduction

The Saami Languages - An Introduction

av Pekka Sammallahti

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Is intended for students and scholars of Saami, Uralic and general linguistics. It presents the central features of the synchronic system and the diachronic development of the Saami languages, focusing especially on the western Finnmark dialects of North Saami, the main Saami language. The discussion of Saami structure and historical development has been written with a state-of-the-art report of Saami linguistics in mind and serves both as a summary for those doing Saami and Uralic linguistics and as an introduction to Saami for those doing synchronic and diachronic general linguistics.

Published 1998
Author Pekka Sammallahti
Target Group Adults
Language English
No. of Pages 268
Binding Hard cover
Weight 1252 g.
ISBN 82-7374-398-5
Publisher Davvi Girji

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