• Gáhttára Iđit – Vokterens Morgen – The Guardian`s Dawn

Gáhttára Iđit – Vokterens Morgen – The Guardian`s Dawn

av Inga Ravna Eira

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The Guardian’s Dawn
The author, Inga Ravna Eira, has followed a trail back to the past in order to find values that might comfort us and make us feel secure. We are forced to stop and think about what the consequences of climate change might mean for us in the future.
The poem, “Driving”, is, as the title suggests, about driving the reindeer herd, while, “Pure White Doe”, describes a sunny day in the mountains.
“The Heart Did Beat”, deals with the ancestors’ instruction to take care of and protect the earth, while “The Power of the Gods”, describes how the Gods are able to demonstrate their power.
In “I Glimpsed My Forefathers”, the poem’s “I” is made aware of certain values.
“Doggi lággá”, deals with reindeer intestines and their uses, and in, “My Creator”, the poem’s “I” gives thanks for the fact that life still prevails.
The poems have been adapted and translated into Norwegian by the author herself and into English by Kari Wattne.

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Published 2021-03
Author Inga Ravna Eira
Translator Inga Ravna Eira og Kari Wattne
Target Group Youth - Adults
Language Norwegian & English & Northern sami
No. of Pages 72
Media eBook
ISBN 978-82-329-0477-8
Publisher Davvi Girji

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